In-Ground Swimming Pools


UK-manufactured and made using PET plastic, all of which has been recycled from plastic bottles, HeatForm’s sub-surface pools are entirely flexible and come in an unlimited range of width and length dimensions to suit every type of in-ground swimming pools. Also, with three different depth options, they are suitable for all age groups and swimming abilities.

HeatForm panel pool systems are quick and straightforward to install, requiring less concrete than a standard pool. This reduction in concrete is more environmentally efficient, and it also reduces installation time and effort.

For instance, a 10m x 5m pool’s walls can be erected within one day, and this process does not depend on the weather. Once in place, the panels are backfilled, meaning the whole project is completed in just weeks. In-built recesses mean that you can add a filtration system or LED lighting where they are needed. 

Your HeatForm panel pool can be installed indoors or outside and in various locations, including the garden, an out-building, patio, etc. You might even choose one for your business or office premises.

Whatever the setting, a HeatForm pool can make your swimming pool dream become a reality—ideal for fun, fitness, and relaxation to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Why Choose a Heatform Sub-Surface Panel Pool?

  • Hassle-free installation. HestForm pools are quick to install. Panels are smooth and clean, ready for lining. 
  • You Don’t Need Much Space. Choose your ideal size – modular construction means they can fit into tight spaces.
  • Lightweight. No need for heavy lifting gear.
  • Eco-friendly. Insulation is made from 100% recycled plastic.
  • Energy Efficient. Pool heating costs can be reduced by around 50%
  • Ease of Fitting. Built-in recesses make fitting filtration and lighting straightforward.
  • Buy Local. Made in Devon, reducing the carbon footprint.
  • In-Ground Swimming Pools

HeatForm panel pool  in-ground swimming pools

In-ground swimming pool in-ground swimming pools

More From Our Energy-Saving Product Range

Some of the latest swimming pool technology gets incorporated into HeatForm pools. Such products include the ZS500 heat pump from Zodiac, FloPro pumps allowing for speed variations, RGBW LED lighting, and the magnesium-based hydroxination system Magnapool. 

The RolloTM Solar pool cover provides a solar gain, which can increase your pool’s temperature by up to 3°C. If used as a safety cover, handrails are available to support the cover, which is essential. This pool top can be opened or closed by merely clicking a button, providing simplicity combined with security and elegance.

**The use of handrails will be required to support the cover if it is to be used as a safety cover with all In-Ground Swimming Pools