The self cleaning hot tub 395 model of the Hydropool line fits two to three within its warm, bubbly and inviting pool incorporating two full seats, a never-float lounger and non-slip steps making getting in and out a piece of cake. The Self-Cleaning 395 makes for a more intimate soaking experience best shared with that special someone. At 30-inches deep, the 395 fits easily through doors and down stairs making installation easier.

Thanks to the advanced technology of the Hydropool Self-Cleaning system, this is one of the easiest hot tubs in the world to maintain. Removing debris from the bottom and surface and cleaning 100% of the water only takes fifteen minutes so you won’t be waiting long before you’re able to take another dip in the tub. This model comes in a 30-jet Gold Series which comes with a completely adjustable, high-volume hydrotherapy jetting system.

30” Deep Model Specification

  • Seating: 3 Person hot tub
  • Outer Dimensions: 85” X 65” X 30” (215.9 cm X 165.1cm X 76.2 cm)
  • Volume: 456 L
  • Weight Full: 735 kg

37” Deep Model Specification

  • Seating: 3 Person hot tub
  • Outer Dimensions: 85” X 65” X 37” (216 cm X 165.1cm X 93.98 cm)
  • Volume: 825 L
  • Weight Full: 1108 kg



Shell options:




Freeze ProtectionYes
Self Clean ModeYes
HydroClean Floor VaccumYes
Removable Core Pressurised FilterYes
Programmable Filtration CyclesYes
Deluxe LED & Garden FX LightingOpt
Total Therapy Jets30
HydroFlex Air Therapy OptionOpt
HydroSequence MassageN/A
HydroVortex JetN/A
HydroClean Filtration PumpYes
North American 60Hz / International 50Hz4hp
Mazzei Injected OzonatorOpt
Two Premium HydroFall PillowsOpt
HydroFlex Foot MassageN/A
DreamScents on DemandOpt