If you’re in the market for a five-person hot tub then the Hydropool Self-Cleaning 570 is the perfect match. The 570 comes in Gold (30 jets) or Platinum (40 jets and an extra pump). Further upgrades include Tranquillity and Hydrotherapy packs both available for either the Gold or Platinum version. It’s one of the best-selling spas from Hydropool since it’s not just ideal for small families but also pairs who simply want the extra space for when they have guests over.

The spacious interior comes with a never-float lounger, four seats and non-slip steps making getting in and out simple. That extra space will make you feel like a celebrity while the European styling will certainly add an extra layer of class to any home.

And of course, the 570 includes to Hydropool Self-Cleaning system making it one of the easiest hot tubs in the world to maintain. The process removes debris from the bottom and surface whilst also cleaning all the water in a quarter of an hour.


5 Person Hot Tub

– Seating: 5-6 Person hot tub
– Outer Dimensions: 84″ x 84″ x 39″ (213.36cm x 213.36cm x 99.06cm)
– Volume: 1161 L
– Weight Full: 1521 kg




Freeze ProtectionYesYes
Self Clean ModeYesYes
HydroClean Floor VacuumYesYes
Pressurised FilterYesYes
Programmable Filtration CyclesYesYes
Deluxe LED & Garden FX LightingOptOpt
Total Therapy Jets3545
HydroFlex Air Therapy OptionOptOpt
HydroSequence MassageN/AOpt
HydroVortex JetN/AYes
HydroClean Filtration PumpYesYes
North American 60Hz / International 50Hz4hp3&4hp
Mazzei Injected OzonatorOptOpt
Two Premium HydroFall PillowsOptOpt
HydroFlex Foot MassageN/AYes
DreamScents on DemandOptOpt