This six-person hot tub comes with the Hydropool Self-Cleaning system meaning you’ll never have to deal with a long and tedious cleaning process ever again. Its design meanwhile features a relaxing s-shared immersion lounger as well as corner seats that deliver hydromassage options that target your back, calf, wrist and neck. When it comes to footwells you won’t find larger in elsewhere. The 695 comes in either the 35-jet or the 50-jet version whilst Hydrotherapy packages are also available too.

  • 6 Person Hot Tub
  • Seating: 5-6 Person hot tub
  • Outer Dimensions: 84″ x 84″ x 39″ (213.36cm x 213.36cm x 99.06cm)
  • Volume: 1365 L
  • Weight Full: 1733 kg



Freeze ProtectionYesYes
Self Clean ModeYesYes
HydroClean Floor VacuumYesYes
Pressurised FilterYesYes
Programmable Filtration CyclesYesYes
Deluxe LED & Garden FX LightingOptOpt
Total Therapy Jets3545
HydroFlex Air Therapy OptionOptOpt
HydroSequence MassageN/AOpt
HydroVortex JetN/AYes
HydroClean Filtration PumpYesYes
North American 60Hz / International 50Hz4hp3&4hp
Mazzei Injected OzonatorOptOpt
Two Premium HydroFall PillowsOptOpt
HydroFlex Foot MassageN/AYes
DreamScents On DemandOptOpt