The Hydropool Self-Cleaning 720 can fit seven people inside its interior making it the perfect purchase for big families or those who like to host friends often. Featuring an expansive barrier-free design, roomy footwell and safe non-slip steps you’ll have no problem having everyone enjoy the relaxing jets of the 720 together.

The 720 comes with an adjustable high-volume hydrotherapy jetting system felt through 55 stainless steel jets. The zoned jetting delivers an even, restful massage and is exclusive to Hydropool hot tubs. Why not upgrade to hydrotherapy packages and boost your relaxation level to new heights. Threat not when it comes to cleaning your hot tub, our patented Self-Cleaning system doing all the hard work for you.

  •  7 Person Hot Tub
  • Seating: 6-7 Person hot tub
  • Outer Dimensions: 90″ x 90″ x 39″ (228.6cm x 228.6cm x 99.06cm)
  • Volume: 1515 L
  • Weight Full: 1902 kg



Freeze ProtectionYes
Self Clean ModeYes
HydroClean Floor VacuumYes
Pressurised FilterYes
Programmable Filtration CyclesYes
Deluxe LED & Garden FX LightingOpt
Total Therapy Jets55
HydroFlex Air Therapy OptionOpt
HydroSequence MassageOpt
HydroVortex JetYes
HydroClean Filtration PumpYes
North American 60Hz / International 50Hz3&4hp
Mazzei Injected OzonatorOpt
Two Premium HydroFall PillowsOpt
HydroFlex Foot MassageYes
DreamScents On DemandOpt